Technology upgrades are always a big challenge for the mobility and automotive market. Wireless communications are the key to facilitating this and our antenna solutions are here to make it happen.

What do we do in Poynting?

Every day we challenge ourselves to make our antenna solutions capable of handling these frequent technological advances and updates. We are proud to announce that all our PUCK and MIMO-3-V2 series antennas are now updated with the latest e-Mark E1 ECE R10v6 certification and approval. This represents another milestone for us and our partners to have products compatible with the most demanding mobility technology requirements and in compliance with EU regulations. This approval is in addition to the cables used on these antennas which are all certified for ECE-R 118.2, which ensures that the cables comply with fire and flammability requirements for buses and coaches.


Poynting Europe was helped by AKKA, a European leader in digital solutions, engineering consultancy and R&D services in the mobility sector, which offered a full e-Mark certification service in compliance with EU regulations.
AKKA tested all of the PUCK and MIMO-3-V2 series antennas and helped to obtain homologation numbers to ensure that these antennas are up-to-date with the new version of the e-Mark E1 ECE R10v6 certification.

What is E-MARK certification?

Being e-Mark proves that our antennas comply with EU/ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) regulations for the mobility and automotive market.


What is ECE R10?

 ECE R10 is defining the electromagnetic compatibility requirements for vehicles and electronic subassemblies (ESA) used in the automotive industry - mainly used for public buses and coaches.

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