Edge computing is certainly the new frontier of applications, even in the industrial and building automation fields. Edge computing allows users to perform faster and more reliable services, and companies to take advantage of the flexibility of the cloud with the possibility of shared resources for different machines, plants or locations.

The use in the indicated areas provides for the collection of data from the field through dedicated protocols (Modbus, Profinet, Bacnet, S7, OPC UA ....) and initial local processing of the same, with any immediate feedback to the field. After processing, the data is sent to cloud platforms via other specific protocols in this area (MQTT, REST, aws_iot stream, google_iot stream, azure_iotstream ..)

Edge gateways can often host dockers, extremely lightweight modular virtual machines capable of running applications in parallel. Some are able to execute dedicated code in Python or other languages ​​and therefore offer a platform for the development of custom algorithms by the customer. Edge gateways often also run high-level applications, such as NODE-RED, which accelerate development and tap into a vast availability of open-source resources.

Some edge gateways have integrated 4G cellular routers and therefore are installed even where network availability is not there or is not easily usable

Marcom attentive to these requests from customers offers a series of devices capable of performing edge computing functions, covering a whole series of needs from the simplest to the most complex applications. These are some of the products applicable as edge gateways in your installations:


IG902: Industrial Edge Gateway with docker, 4G router, NODE-RED, Azure integration, AWS, Thinghsboard ... Python programming, industrial protocols and OPC UA, extended temperature range

EDGE GATEWAY CONNECTEdge Gateway with docker, NODE-RED, RESTful API, industrial protocols (PROFINET) and OPC UA nome-foto
INBOX 710: Linux Edge computer with 4G router, RS232 and RS485 serial ports, NODE-RED, extended temperature range nome-foto
INVEHICLE G710: Edge computer for mobile vehicles with 4G router, CAN protocol, GPS, docker, NODE-RED, Azure integration, AWS, Thinghsboard ... Python programming, extended temperature range. Supports MQTT, DDS, AMQP, XMPP, JMS, REST, CoAP protocols nome-foto


Marcom offre inoltre anche una soluzione IOT per chi vuole una soluzione completa per la gestione dei propri dati, dal campo fino al cloud: M4IOT



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