Available from Poynting is the new DASH-1 antenna, ideal for low-profile, low-visibility, high-volume requirements including smart meters, remote switching, scada and many other applications within the IoT and M2M arena.

The meter box ‘stealth’ mounted omnidirectional antenna provides wideband LTE support from 690 MHz to 2700 MHz, in addition to backwards compatibility with 3G and 2G. Available in steel as well as plastic box/surface or via spigot mounting, it was designed with installation simplicity and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, typically mounted on the front, top or side of smart meter boxes.

The M2M and IoT application areas include smart utilities (smart power metering, gas and water), smart buildings, digital signage, smart environmental and water systems, warehouse and logistic systems, industrial automation as well as farming and agricultural M2M and IoT.
The antenna is designed to be simple, user friendly yet ultra-rugged to suit all conditions. It was tested in Poynting’s test chambers where the company says quality is controlled at the highest levels to assure reliability at all times.
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