PadPuls M2

We have updated our well-known and popular PadPuls M2 in wall housing. By switching to a new generation of processors, we were able to reduce the current consumption, increase reliability further and add in an optional second response telegram with some new features like 15 monthly values. Additionally the pulse adaptor is now able to communicate with 9600 Baud. No changes were made to price and the decades proven operating mode, so you do not have to change your usage. 







PadPuls M2C

The PadPuls M2 version for DIN rail mounting has also been improved. Analogous to the PadPuls M2, the power consumption was reduced and we added some new features, such as the 2nd reply message with 15 monthly values and communication with 9600 Baud. The price and the decades proven operation was likewise not changed, so you do not have to change. 








PadPuls M4C

In case of our 4-channel PadPuls changes and improvements are a bit bigger, as you can already see in its name. The replacemant to the PadPuls M4L now presents itself in the same flat housing as the PadPuls M2C wich makes installation into a switchboard much easier. In addition to the new features also estabished in the 2 channel versions the function of the PadPuls M4C was also extended by a 230VAC input tariff.
By its reduced price the PadPuls M4C now offers the best price per pulse input in our range of pulse adapters.The PadPuls M4L is no longer available.

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