The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings together a number of trends and shifts in the facilities management industry: machine learning, big data, the Internet of Things, and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. In essence, the idea is to make industrial devices "smarter" by gathering and analyzing data and making appropriate responses in real-time. Utilizing the IIoT correctly can ultimately redefine how an organization operates and does business.

The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who make these industrial devices can use the IIoT to improve how they deliver remote service and support, drive product innovation, and develop new business models. However, to take full advantage of the IIoT, the first step is to have the products be smart and cloud-connected. Sierra Monitor's FieldServer family of protocol gateways and routers have always been trusted by OEMs to provide the required connectivity and protocol translation. Now, our IIoT On-Ramp Suite can help OEMs accelerate the transformation of their products into smart, cloud-connected products that can take full advantage of the IIoT opportunity.

Before embarking on this journey of transformation, an OEM must determine the precise business opportunities they want to achieve through the IIoT—whether that means improving service and support, knowing more precisely where all its connected devices are located and what they’re actually doing, or gaining the insights that will lead to better products. Then, using our IIoT On-Ramp Suite can make it simple rather than daunting to get there.


Take Advantage of the IIoT with the IIoT On-Ramp Suite

Our comprehensive and secure IIoT On-Ramp Suite is designed to accelerate the transformation of industrial devices into smart, cloud-connected products. The IIoT On-Ramp Suite includes:

  • FieldServer Gateway
  • Application Engine running local applications
  • FieldPoP™ device cloud
  • FieldPoP integration with leading data analytics cloud platforms
  • These distinct product offerings can be used singly or in combination with other offerings.


Four Easy Steps to Transform Industrial Devices into Smart, Cloud-Connected Devices

In the white paper titled Transforming Industrial Devices into Smart, Cloud-Connected Devices, Sierra Monitor outlines the following four simple steps for leveraging the IIoT On-Ramp Suite to guide OEMs along the pathway toward a smart and cloud-connected IIoT environment:

Get the OEM devices on an IP network. Connect them to an existing BMS/SCADA/PLC by adding a FieldServer Gateway.

Make the gateway smarter. Add useful and visual applications on the FieldServer Gateway by adding local applications on the Application Engine.

Extend beyond the field; bridge the field to the cloud. Bundle a cloud point of presence—a device cloud—with the FieldServer Gateway by setting up the OEM on FieldPoP and connecting the OEM-provided FieldServer gateways to FieldPoP.

Connect the device cloud to your business applications. Connect FieldPoP to other third-party cloud platforms in use by the OEM.

In addition to learning about our 1-2-3-4 step approach, the white paper also highlights the important distinctions between consumer and industrial IoT environments, what the consumer IoT can ultimately teach the IIoT, and the benefits of smart, cloud-connected IIoT devices.

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